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What is Facial Reanimation?

A smile is probably the first feature we notice about most people. The most common facial expression, it can convey a wide range of emotion, from pleasure, to approval to amusement, even disinterest. It’s therefore a vital aspect of social interaction. Facial Reanimation is a surgical procedure to restore the smile after facial nerve injury, infection or congenital absence of the facial nerve.

What can I expect?

Depending on the underlying problem, facial reanimation may involve surgery to the facial nerve or microsurgical transplantation of muscle from the thigh, chest or foot, to replace the facial muscle responsible for the smile. Occupational therapy will form an integral part in returning and retraining your smile after surgery to restore complete and satisfactory function.


How is the surgery performed?

Facial reanimation is performed under general anaesthesia. 


What can I expect?
This surgical procedure will require specialised after care and a hospital stay of 5-7 nights.

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