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Dr. Conrad Pienaar is a pioneer in the field of microsurgical reconstruction in South Africa.

“I both appreciate and welcome the complexities in microsurgery. The detail involved is as challenging as it is rewarding. Ultimately, the most important aspect is the positive outcomes seen on the faces of my patients.”


What is Microsurgery?

Microsurgery is a highly intricate procedure in which a microscope, specialised instruments, and small needles with fine sutures are used to repair blood vessels as tiny as one millimetre. Precision and impeccable operating techniques are therefore vital in achieving optimum results – results that both patient and doctor are happy with.


How does it help?
Reconstructive Microsurgery allows for the complex repair of human tissue after trauma, cancer and congenital deficiencies through transplanting tissue from an area where it is not essential, to an area that needs reconstruction - such as a wound or defect caused by an injury or disease. Microsurgical Reconstruction helps to restore both the appearance and functionality to areas that have lost skin, muscle mobility or bone. It is therefore essential in improving quality of life, freedom of movement and overall confidence in patients.


“Described as a free-style microsurgeon because of his ingenuity in solving complex reconstructive problems, Conrad has over 15 years’ experience in microsurgical reconstruction and his success rates are world standard. He works with a dedicated specialist team to ensure consistently successful outcomes and satisfied patients.”

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