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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery uses specialised techniques to restore previous aesthetic look and function to the structures of the body affected by trauma, infection, disease, birth- or developmental defects and cancer. 

What is it?

The main purpose of reconstruction is primarily restoring function, secondly, the restoration of shape or structure, and lastly to achieve a cosmetic result that returns or enhances the client’s preferred appearance - improving their quality of life and transforming their confidence. Where there is partial or complete loss of a body structure, Dr. Pienaar repairs, rebuilds and recreates shape and framework by adhering to the most fundamental principle of plastic surgery: “Replacing like with like”. This means that complex defects can be remedied using specialised plastic surgical techniques - including tissue transplantation, harnessing stem cells, innovative wound healing therapies and microsurgery.

“Reconstructive plastic surgery is my true calling. It is the closest thing to artistic expression and precise sculpturing, since you have to solve a three-dimensional problem using two dimensional materials. Many surgeons will agree that it’s one of the few truly creative surgeries there is.”

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