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What is Scar Management?

It is impossible to accurately predict how a person will scar. Scarring is the routine result of the healing process and all incisions will result in a permanent scar. Fortunately, there are a few procedures that can be done to visibly minimise scarring.


Problematic scars include the following types:

  • Atrophic – these are thinned out, widened and pale;

  • Hypertrophic – dense overgrown fibrous tissue, often itchy and reddish; Keloid – dense, overgrown fibrous tissue that grows beyond the original wound.

  • Contracted scar – a tight scar that limits movement,

  • Acne scars - deep pits or angular scars caused by acne.


What can I expect?

Problematic scars may be improved using simple treatments like scar taping, massage and silicone gel or non-surgical procedures such as Micro needling and Fillers. For more severe scars, scar revision surgery with specialised wound closure techniques may be necessary. Scar revision surgery cannot erase a scar completely but can improve the appearance.

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